By the book #1: Life skills Every Man Should Have

Sam Chell, one of the readers of How to Drive a Tank… asks, “How can I get in contact with some of the people you met in your book as i am really interested in doing some of the things you did? Please help me if you have the time, thanks.”

Well Sam, it’s a good question and one I’m asked regularly, so, by section, here are the people, companies and books I used to do the things you read about in Tank. Book links are at the bottom.

Section 1: Life skills Every Man Should Have

Frank in a Tank

Frank in a Tank

Chapter: How to Drive a Tank
Tank School
Contact: Alastair Scott
Tel: 07971 635189 / 01873 880301
Email: alastairgscott AT (replace AT with @)

Chapter: Handbrake Turns and Other Naughty Driving Skills
Company: Dynamic Drivers
Contact: Richard Knott
Tel: 01934 830303
Email: richardknott1 AT

Chapter: Pick Locks, Safes and Chastity Belts
For a peerless and easy to understand lock-picking primer see Locksport Internationals pdf here: And check out Lockpicking101 for everything else, especially their Newbie FAQ. If you’re desperate for bump keys simply google “bump key” with the specific lock you’re after.

Chapter: How to Hotwire Cars and Motorbikes
I used a Bedouin’s pre-stripped Nissan Patrol during a job on the Saudi/Jordan border to illustrate the basics of a car hotwire. You can view it on Nat Geo Adventure here or press play on the Youtube embed below:

Chapter: How to Defeat Security Systems
See this post elsewhere on the blog.

Chapter: How to Get a Gun in any City in the World in the Next Few Hours
A chapter with its tongue firmly wedged in cheek. If you’re after info on the Kambol range in Cambodia check out their armaments and prices here and read about Dan White’s experience here.

Chapter: How to Disappear Without a Trace
For legal and relatively straight forward ways to do this meet Grandpa and the Six Flags or here.

Chapter: How to Hide a Dead Body
Read the chapter, sense of humour required.

Chapter: Make Things Go Boom
I’ll be posting a series of videos on this chapter in time for the paperback launch on November 4th 2010.

Chapter: Drill It ‘Til You Can Kill It
Company: Edelweiss Tactical
Web and contact:
They have firearms, rapid assault tactics and driving courses available. All are excellent. Watch this space for more details in the coming months.
Videos: Nat Geo or watch below on Youtube embed below:

Chapter: How to Fight – The Everyday Application of Extreme Force
Check out Mick Coup’s videos on this post or go to the Core Combatives website. I highly recommend Mick for zero-BS practical approach to real-world fighting.

Chapter: How to Survive the Wild…Because You Never Know When You Might Need To
Train in remote areas of the UK and abroad with the excellent trainers at Woodsmoke.

Chapter: How to Gamble – It’s All in the Game
There are literally hundreds of websites out there explaining how to play the different forms of casino gambling, two of my fave poker sites are: and Books: Breaking Vegas; Play Blackjack Like the Pros, Professional Blackjack; Holden on Hold ’em, Big Deal; the always brilliant How to Cheat at Everything and of course these two classic Bond scenes that have defined what gambling and casinos are about for generations: First one shows Baccarat, the second Craps. Enjoy.

Chapter: Learn Any Language – In a Week, In a Month, In a Year
A superb resource for beginners is: Books: Learn Any Language; The Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning a Language Fast and any thing by Michel Thomas.

Chapter: Learn to Jam in a Day
Get started now, tune your guitar with, learn your first blues shuffle with Mojo’s excellent take a course with or study offline with The Complete guitarist.

Section 2 will be posted soon…

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