schuFrankGotta love those words. As a journalist I’ve written for broadsheet, tabloid, specialist media and the web. Travel and adventure are definite specialties and I’ve written extensively on environment and property too. I’m also a research and media fellow of The Schumacher Institute, a sustainability think tank. My media skills have led to being asked to run various campaigns for organisations, expeditions and publishers. Here are some sample articles.

Journalism/Feature Writing:


The Last Degree | A North Pole Diary
Just damn lucky I guess.

Secret Skiing
The pleasures of going off piste in the Middle East – Lebanon – includes promotional codes for motivated readers ~ Guardian.

The Next Big Thing
Oman is basking in the tourism spotlight but can it sustain the environment that makes people want to visit with the desire to develop its tourism infrastructure? Business Traveller

Into the Blue
A dream come true, learning to be an RYA day skipper in the Middle East. What’s On Magazine

Made to Measure
Tailoring for the terrified – a how to on having suits made while holidaying or living in Dubai ~ Concierge.

Out of this World
A travel article on space tourism ~ TNT magazine.

Forget Five Star | Escape Dubai’s Hotel Babylon
A look at alternative places to stay when visiting Dubai.

Four Hours in Dubai
Things to see and do on a brief layover in Dubai.

Political & Investigative:
An investigation into a conspiracy theory ~ Ireland on Sunday.

Future Proof
Scandals, problems and solutions surrounding the Energy Performance Of Buildings Directive ~ (EU) Parliament magazine.

Kyoto | Sustainable Policies | Caveat Emptor
A selection of news/investigative features as political correspondent ~ Construct Ireland.

Business as Usual
An in-depth article originally written for, includes sources.

A Film Festival is Born
A warm up article for the Dubai International Film Festival ~ Concierge .

Palindromes | Sideways | Riding Giants | Ocean’s 12
A smattering of recent film reviews, many more available on request ~ Film Ireland and others.

Property & Architectural:

Going up in the world
An extensive round up of accommodation types, hotel developments and investment opportunities in Dubai.
Business Traveller

Louis Albrouze | Enowines
Two articles, a compare and contrast of architectural wine shop designs ~ Forma Interiors magazine.

Gas Guzzling Houses
An overview of impending energy performance regulations and how they will affect the home owner ~ Irish Examiner.


Book review, director interview and travel feature ~ various publications.

The Men Who Built Britain
A TV treatment for a historical documentary series on British engineers, researched and written by me for Mast Media.

All works are presented here for review purposes only. Any other use strictly prohibited without written consent from the author