I’ve written a few, edited a few, and even been a ghost writer. Here are three books where I write as Frank Coles.


How to drive a tankHow to Drive a Tank…and Other Everyday Tips for the Modern Gentleman.

From the reviews…

“…there is something refreshingly Hemingway-esque about Coles’s Philosophy that deserves to be heard.” Sam Turvey in BBC’s Focus magazine.


“Ok, so it might tell you how to hotwire cars, gamble and blow things up, but the subtitle of this book really gets to the heart of it […]. Coles emphasises that the only thing that makes one a real man is to follow one’s own path, even (especially?) if that means being an expert nude handglider.”  – Top Gear Magazine, book of the month.


“A ‘Dangerous Book for Men’ – how to embrace life to the full and how to be your own man * Top Gear meets 101 Things To Do Before You Die.” – Richard Horne.


A “possibly life-saving volume” – Evening Standard.


“Chances are your dad can put up shelves. But does he know how to hide a dead body? Or cry with diginity? If not, this book’s for him.” – Cosmopolitan, book of the month.


“Coles appears to have sussed that most men while aware of their obligations in the responsibility and maturity departments would not be too discommoded were the early morning commute into the cubicle farm to be disrupted by, let’s say, several minor explosions, a decent gunfight and, maybe topped off with a high speed deathride with a little female company […] Some might label this type of ‘educating’ as irresponsible. It is. Wonderfully so.” – Joe McNamee in The Irish Examiner.


“Here are tips on such essential topics as sex, fatherhood and hot-wiring cars, that will allow unsure males to make a man of themselves.” – The Daily Telegraph.

You can read extracts below. Or for the US release go here. The original UK paperback and hardback are still selling worldwide, just check your local Amazon store.


Handbrake Turns … and Other Naughty Driving Skills
How to Hire a Hit Man
How to Hotwire Cars and Motorbikes
How to Be a Great Dad

To read an extract in German, click here.

Or watch the videos that go with these extracts on Youtube.



Dark Market

Dark MarketOut Now on Kindle – US, UK, DE, IT, FR

Kill anyone, anywhere, anytime. And never get caught.
John Savage is a special force of one. A corporate investigator who had to leave when an investigation went wrong. He’s become a 21st century warrior serving overseas but not for any one government only the highest bidder.
  When he finds a dead body with links to his old life he returns and finds that what forced him out was only the beginning of a conspiracy to commit murder on a grand scale. The Dark Market. In which anyone can take part and anyone can be a victim. Now Savage must battle to finish what he started.

Secret Skin


Secret Skin – Out Now on Kindle – USUKDEITFR

In a city built on faith, the only way out is to tell the truth.

David Bryson, a freelance journalist based in the Middle Eastern boom town of Dubai, falls for the subject of one of his stories: a beautiful woman enslaved as a prostitute. When he tries to secure her freedom he uncovers a network of violent human traffickers, money launderers and arms dealers with ties to the ruling elite. They want him dead and he wants a good story, but in a corrupt city built on spin and denial, he will be lucky to escape with his life.



More coming soon . . .

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