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We wondered if you could come in again to talk to this years children as it was so fantastic and inspirational last year?

Carolyn Bradley

Year 1 Teacher, Archibald First School

Dear Frank,

Thank you for coming to our school. I liked trying on the clothes. Thank you for sharing the information. My favourite was seeing the pictures.
From . . .


Pupil, Aged 5

We are not an easy ‘thing’ to pin down. I feel that the Institute’s original mission statement from the 2005 vision document: “to discover what makes our systems viable in the long term”, was so open that we just got on with what we could.
Thanks so much for the session last week.

Ian Roderick

Director, The Schumacher Institute


I currently run arctic and desert workshops for schools. Like these Archibald First School talks for Key Stage 1: Talk 1 | Talk 2.

dressing upI spend an hour or more with the kids. They are sent videos/photos of trips to the Jordanian desert with the Bedu and an expedition to the North Pole. I ask them to prepare and email me their questions in advance. And I ask them some BIG real world questions in return. This ensures that teachers can steer them towards curriculum relevant research and that each child has something on the day that they can ask.

This also cuts through any nervousness the kids feel on the day and gives them ownership of the session.

The materials I bring along include arctic and desert clothing, photographs and mementos and a pulk(an arctic sled).


Brandon B’Stards Branding workshops for corporates and think-tanks are already on the go. You can view one of the Prezis for a recent workshop here.

In the pipeline are workshops on writing using Plain English and Business English to make those sales documents and RFPs shine.