Interviews with gusto – 28 days challenge

Just some quick off-the-cuff interviews that I’ve done recently. First this week’s one from Jo Harrisson and her ambitious 28 days challenge, where she interviews an author a day for 28 days. Now, that’s asking for trouble!

Here it is: She also offers a whole bunch of writing services for indie and trad authors, such as virtual assistants, document formatting, SEO and social media management from her rather nice base in France. She’s native-tongue English by the way.

And here’s another one from Kris Wampler: Who has now interviewed 100+ authors. Poor boy.

Enjoy. I’ll post more as I begin my blog tour and Wattpad uber-pimpage in the next few weeks.

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Frank Coles named in 101 Most Awesome Adventure & Travel Twitterers You Should Be Following


Top 101 Adventure Twitterers

Barely a week on the web and I’m at number 47 on Mindaugas Markus excellent new travel blog and online TV show Abroadening, but hey, it’s in no particular order so I’m chuffed to bits.

So check out the top 101 adventurers and while you’re there why not make their day and sign up to their tweets?

Here’s the 101 Most Awesome Adventure & Travel Twitterers You Should Be Following in full.

Don’t forget to add Markus and me to your own Twitter feed:

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