Dark Market and DIG: A USA Network Event

Exciting times. My international thriller Dark Market has been chosen by the USA Network for it’s reading list to run alongside their new series DIG this fall (that’s autumn for my UK readers). Here’s the cover with it’s cool new sticker. More on the when, where, and how in the coming weeks along with how to get it in paperback at long last!

You can watch the teaser for the new series right here, check it out below:





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How do I pitch an article? Magazines, Newspapers or Websites.

The question I’m asked most often is: How do I pitch a….TV programme, an article, a book?

I’m asked so often I must have written out that short essay several times. For articles however, there is a book which I wish I’d had when I was starting out.

This one:

It’s comprehensive, yet concise. Written in plain English and is the kind of book that would have saved about three years of trial and error when I started pitching articles over a decade ago. I’ll write my own quick-start version here soon.

Well, rewrite. But trust, me that book’s a cracker.

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this a Medium copyright briefing – what’s the subtext?


The blogging platform Medium and it’s copyright terms. Originally posted here on the Medium website. In case it gets pulled here it is in full.

this a Medium copyright briefing
what’s the subtext?

I’ve not published here before. In a nutshell Medium is a blog aggregator with a super simple publishing interface for text stories with a giant photo banner at the head of the page.

Let’s have a look at their Ts & Cs and make sure they’re not grabbing your copyright like every other poorly advised Tom and Dick in the internet age.

So here’s what they say in their Terms of Service:

“ [1] You own the rights to the content you post on Medium. We don’t claim ownership over any of it. [2] However, by posting or transferring content to Medium, you give us permission to use your content solely to do the things we need to do to provide Medium Services, including, without limitation, storing, displaying, reproducing, and distributing your content. This may include promoting your content with partner companies or services for broader broadcast, distribution, or publication. “

Sadly this is the most common all-rights grab out there.

[1] is standard default copyright, you own your copyright unless expressly assigned elsewhere in writing.

[2] the you own it but we can do anything we like with it clause. This is a rights grab: archive rights, repro rights and syndication rights.

In a nutshell they might not charge for this but their partner companies might, or use the content to generate ad revenue.

You can find the National Union of Journalist briefing on this here:


Specifically points 3, 4, 5 and 6 and the extra uses section.

Shame I love the look, feel and usability of this site.

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2014 – thoughts for the year ahead

I’ve got some work to do and some righteous playing too. Last year I stopped being just a writer, see this post, and this year I’ve got some interesting things planned. Some will pan out, some won’t and either result is good. Usually the things that do pan out don’t always look the same as how you imagined them anyway, and often for the better. So here we go.

1. Be lucky.
Seize opportunities, expect all conversations to go well, reframe ‘didn’t happens’ as lucky escapes.


An expedition like this perhaps? Or maybe something altogether different…

2. Plan an expedition for 2015.
Already planning one with an ex team-GB pal. Just in prelim talks and going to test out logistics and kit in Feb, April or both.

3. Pitch TED prize.
I found a useful piece of economic data that could change the lives of millions. I intend to research and confirm it and if successful pitch it to TED. Add in a social media and website home as well. Nominations for the 2015 TED Prize will close at 11:59pm ET on Monday, March 31, 2014. If anyone would like to nominate me ahead of time feel free: http://www.ted.com/pages/prize_nominate

4. Develop business
I’ve identified an education business that’s ripe to be explored. So first order is test the market to see how robust it is. Define what the product will eventually look like. Then if confirmed buy kit and test it in the field with a local, national and international trial.

5. Be away from the desk.
Simple really, crack on with logging the walks for my mountain leader qualification. Get on a couple of trips.

6. Talk more.
I love the presenting/acting side of my work and I love meeting people. Nurturing and taking opportunities to do both should be seized often.

7. Write up my PHD proposal.
I had to put this off last year due to family commitments. This year I just need to get it done. Actually there are two research areas, so write both and see which feels ‘right’.

If it isn’t working, it’s a sunk cost. Either fix it or walk away.
Go back to number 1.

That’s it. This time in 2015, I’ll do the same again and see how I’ve progressed.

Definitely less of this though:

What have you got planned?

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