How do I pitch an article? Magazines, Newspapers or Websites.

The question I’m asked most often is: How do I pitch a….TV programme, an article, a book?

I’m asked so often I must have written out that short essay several times. For articles however, there is a book which I wish I’d had when I was starting out.

This one:

It’s comprehensive, yet concise. Written in plain English and is the kind of book that would have saved about three years of trial and error when I started pitching articles over a decade ago. I’ll write my own quick-start version here soon.

Well, rewrite. But trust, me that book’s a cracker.

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From little ideas to big ideas

If you’ve ever noticed that funny little © Riding High notice in my books and webTV content and wondered what the hell is that – A surf club? A pony trekking service? Male escorts? – well now’s the time to end the suspense: it’s the name of my company. Originally I established Riding High Ltd to run my writing work through when I returned to the UK in 2008. And now my baby has grown. From now on I’ll now be developing TV series and formats for network and international broadcasters along with book content for traditional and independent publishing. I’ll be doing this solo, with creative partners and for clients. It’s also the company I’ll run any science development work through (more on that in later posts for now it’s all a little hush-hush).

I’ve set up a new website to go with this new feel for the company (It’s needs a couple of design tweaks of course, don’t they all). We’re based in the north east of England and work locally, nationally and internationally with a track record across Europe, the Middle East and North America. You can find out more here: And if you have any media or deception ideas you’d like to discuss we’d love to hear from you.

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Explorer of the Month

I’m proud to announce the Explorer of the Month column by yours truly for the fantastic Explorers Connect website. Each month I’ll be interviewing explorers – in the modern sense of the word – to find out what makes them tick, how they do what they do and their scariest and best moments. It inspires me when I meet and talk to these daring people and I hope it will inspire you.

Dave Cornthwaite: The nicest dare-devil in exploration.





Victor Boyarsky: Life on top of the world.





Bert Poffe: Why you don’t always need to be the fastest or first.






If you’d liked to be interviewed for the column drop me a line on the contact page and I’ll let you know what’s involved and see about fitting you into the schedule.



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24 hours to save Europe?

Bilderberg's Bitches

In 24 hours, our leaders may wave through a terrifying Merkel/Sarkozy plan that would abolish our right to choose sane economic policies. But, together, we can stop our leaders trashing our democracy and our jobs. Panicked by big banks, Europe’s governments want to change our constitutions and the EU treaty to permanently ban vital public spending. This is nuts: in the 1930s such spending was precisely what allowed Europe and the US to escape the Great Depression. Europe needs to toughen up and regulate the banks, not tie our governments’ hands to make them happy. We live in a democracy — so Europe’s leaders should not be able agree to this plan themselves — they need to come up with solutions that have the approval of the people or our Parliament. We only have 24 hours to save our democracies from this attack — our massive call today can force leaders to respect democracy, regulate the banks, reject austerity, and invest in our future. Our demands will be delivered to the leaders and media outside tomorrow’s meeting. Sign and send to everyone you know before the meeting!

They want to stop borrowing in an economic system that requires it for any country to remain solvent. Unless you zero all unrepayable debt, it’s meaningless.

Want to do something about it? click here for the Avaaz petition.

And remember the Bilderbergers, an unelected business and political elite make up the Presidium of the EU Parliament – the steering committee that guides the whole thing. Look up the Bilderberg attendance lists and then cross reference with the Presidium membership. An unelected bunch of suits telling another unelected bunch of suits what to think and do. And they come up with…debt slavery. Either at a low rate of return or a high one.

Yay, for planet earth!

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Top Gear Wants You…

And they won’t even execute you in front of yours kids!

The full ad reads:

Extras / Characters required for Top Gear

Various extras / characters required for Top
Gear filming on 14th December – Male and
Female age range 16 to late-50 s
TOP GEAR FILMING on 14th December.

1. Audi Driver – Male in his mid to late 20s –
30s (think businessman, suit jacket over the
shoulder, Oakley sunglasses, Bluetooth

2. Ferrari Driver – Older male 40s/ 50s (think
hairy chest, white trousers, sunglasses)

3. Bus Passenger – Late teens/ early 20s
male or female (hoodie)

4. Peugeot Driver – Middle age male or
female (think comfortable shoes, lots of beige,
nothing very exciting)

5. Saab Driver – Male, 30s (think architect, roll
neck jumper, trendy glasses)

6. Honda Driver – Female 60’s (think little old

Apply by December 7th at Stars in my eyes.

Have fun!

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Writers wanted: adventure and motoring

This is the first of regular posts on off-beat jobs for writers around the world. This week we’ve got an opportunity that sounds like one of those unsubtle ads for MI6/CIA operatives and some car writing jobs both in the US and UK. I’d jump at the first if I didn’t have kids and I may even apply for one of those motoring posts.

Adventurous job:

Honestly, I'm a writer!

Honestly, I'm a writer!

International Business Journalists wanted for Oil & Gas intelligence research. Head office in Istanbul with months abroad spent working in target countries.

What you need:

  • An interest in and experience of travel
  • Year-around availability
  • Perfect command of written and spoken English
  • Excellent presentation
  • A good university degree in economics, political sciences or international relations is valued
  • The applicant must be up-to-date on current events, hard working and easy to live with
  • He or she must keep a cool head under pressure and be at ease with tight deadlines
  • A taste for adventure is mandatory

Sound like your thing? Go here: 

Super car wreck

Super car wreck

Driving Jobs

How about driving Japanese high performance cars and editing three publications all about them? UK based.

Click this: 

Or writing for the awesome Jalopnik website. Two writer positions available, one in New York, one in either Los Angeles or Detroit. If i was a Yankee-doodler I’d be in there like a slingshot.

Click that:

Business Insider in the US are looking for someone to write about everything from cars to spacecraft. No brainer right?

Get your OCD on and click:

If you get the job, let me know so I can seethe with envy.

Live well.


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