How to reboot/cold restart a Kindle

Sep 02

If you want to unfreeze your Kindle or restore the factory defaults, do the following:

power switch

1. Hold the power switch to the right for 20 seconds.

2. Press the HOME button for 1 minute. Eventually you will see the screen to your right.

3. Nine times out of ten just hitting the DEL button at this point will unfreeze your machine without having to lose all your files (please note, you can replace them later but it takes time and you will lose your notes, bookmarks, and settings).

4. If that doesn’t work you will have to restore the factory default settings by typing in R E S E T. As soon as you hit the T it will reset.

That’s it.  Please note that this is for the Kindle 3G + wifi 6 inch version.

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  1. Eloisa /

    Have tried it and the tree screen does not come up! Desperate

    • Hi Eloisa, try it again and give it a couple of minutes. It should work! If not, it might be a case of exchanging the one you’ve got. Contact amazon support.

      • Alexandra /

        Thanks so much! My kindle wasn’t working at all. Right after I followed your instructions it was back to normal. And even though i set it back to factory settings I had all my books back in under a minute. Thanks!

      • Dear Frank, I have tried to reset my grandaughters kindle as she cant remember the password and no joy. You cannot hold the on/off switch to the right, it does not have this option. Can you help please?

  2. Hey, Some idiot friends of mine were playing with my Kindel. Apparently they “just turned it on” and then the screen went all crazy, but I noticed in some clearer parts of the screen that the Kindel was Reacting underneath the messed up picture… What do I do???

    • Hi Ellie,

      Unfortunately I’ve not seen that before in a Kindle (cameras yes) and I hate to say it, but it sounds like your friends (or another cause) may have damaged the screen. I could be wrong though so I would advise calling or messaging Amazon support direct to see if they have experience of this. Let us know how you get on.

    • Hi Ellie
      I have the exact problem as you. It was not caused by friends. I used it one day and the next time the screen was half clear but the Kindle is reacting? Did you find a solution?

  3. Great, thanks for sharing this blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

  4. Belle /

    HAH! This worked…!! Ironically, it froze on an page :o)

  5. Hi Frank,
    My screen froze during an experiment when I tried to access net radio via google on my new Kindle. Your suggestions worked like a dream.
    Thanks heaps and if you like any of my pewter art works let me know and I will do you a deal.
    Thanks again
    Warm regards
    Graeme Anthony

  6. Frank /

    Glad it worked for you Belle. You too Anthony – if I ever need a new chess set I’ll know where to come. :)

  7. Jiří Cerhan /

    Does it wokr for kindle 3?

  8. patcatuk /

    Sadly none of that above worked for me. My kindle 3 screen just stayed blank. So, I took of the back cover with much effort and unscrewed the two screws holding the battery to the motherboard terminal and removed the battery and let it wait for a few minutes.

    Screwed the battery in again and the green led stayed lit as I put it back together.

    There was a pic on the screen like above except there was no password section or text on the bottom. There was a progress bar in the bottom though. After a few minutes the screen changed to the default dude under the tree and turning on it worked fine.

    All my books where on there and checking that my current book was at the same section I was sure that everything was back to normal.

    Drastic last ditch effort before sending off back to Amazon. I am in an asian backwater country at the moment and sending it off to get serviced is the probably the same as buying a new one and having to pay double for it because of customs.

    • Frank /

      Pat. That sounds like your battery removal technique worked. Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy your trip. Personally those Asian backwaters are some of my fave places on the planet.

    • Nancy /

      Patacuk’s method worked for me. I am in the Peace Corps in Azerbaijan and I didn’t have the option to take it into a store. Getting a replacement would have been a long process, as I have never seen in Kindle even in the capital of Azerbaijan. I thought nothing would ever work, but Patacuk is a wizard. I carefully pried off the back cover of my Kindle. I used the end of a nail file because it has to be something thin enough to fit in the slots on the side of the Kindle case. Then, I used the screwdriver that I use to repair my glasses to unscrew the battery. Tiny screws so you will need something small to fit in the tiny notches in the screw head. Then I lifted out the battery. I ate a quick lunch, then put the batter back in place and screwed the battery back in. Once the batteries were tightly in place, my screen “became” unfrozen on its own and I was on my “Home” page listing all my book titles. Thanks, Patacuk. Good luck to those whose screen is frozen!

  9. Angela /

    Thank you so much.. my Kindle wouldn’t turn on, despite it having been almost fully charged the night before. Your instructions worked wonderfully!

  10. Riacel /

    hello sir,
    how long does it take to start the kindle, i did follow the instructions above and my kindle is under the recovery mode, am wondering if got frozen again or something,.
    I did follow the 4th option but my kindle hangs and froze on the loading page and become unresponsive again. could you please advise me what I’ll do with my kindle, it’s kind of memorable and I really don’t want to lose the unit… hope to hear from you soon sir. Thanks…

  11. Hmm, hi Riacel. Not had that one before. It usually takes a few minutes to restart with steps 1-3, and then with any hard reset (step 4) it’ll take slightly longer. So be patient, and when everything looks like when it came form the factory you’re done – although minus the files – but you can re-download/sync these.

    It’s been a while since I’ve done it on mine so I can’t give you an exact time. You may well lose your bookmarks/notes with the hard reset however.

    I started using kindle for editing purposes but stopped because of this.

    I hope this helps, let us know how you get on.

  12. Thanks so much! My wife’s Kindle did not completely freeze, but it would not access the restart menu. Your instructions worked like a charm!

  13. Frank /

    You are very welcome Tim, glad I could be of help!

  14. Sunny /

    I fixed my Kindle – using the drastic way of patcatuk! First I tried all other ways, then I e-mailed amazon, got the use of an “expert” who wrote to me telling it was a hardware problem and I would have to ship the Kindle to amazon. My Kindle had, however, just passed the one-year-warranty, so that would be expensive. That’s what I call planned obsolescence!
    It was difficult getting the Kindle (“last generation”) apart, but with patience and a thin table knife, I got it done. The rest – unscrewing the battery and waiting, and putting the Kindle together – was easy, and now the Kindle works! THANK YOU!

  15. malaria /

    I have the same problem- my screen froze, and it won’t reboot. It happen a year and a month after purchase, so no warranty replacement applies. T took out my battery, and screen is still as it was- frozen with vertical lines. put battery back, nothing happen. Took it out again. Anyone have more ideas how to bring it to live?
    Well, I guess mine is just dead broken, and will have to buy a next one. But I’m so pissed off, that it broke down just after its warranty expired!

  16. John /

    Many thanks: 20 sec + 60 sec + del worked on an original “vanilla” Kindle.


    • fcoles /

      Hey, glad it worked for you John. I love my vanilla kindle!

  17. Karina Sanchez /

    AHHHh this doesn’t work and the night before it did and when i woke up it was frozen!!!!

    • fcoles /

      Hi Karina, I’m not following you. You tried it, it worked, and then stopped working, is that right?

      • Karina Sanchez /

        No I restarted it last night and then the screen was still frozen so now I don’t know what to do about it and I don’t want to go pay to get it done.

  18. fcoles /

    Have you tried the instructions in the article above Karina? you’ll need to re-download all your files afterwards mind you.

    But the above is what I had to do in a similar situation.It’s been working ever since (touch wood).


  19. Enrique /

    Greetings, tried all your suggestions, mine is still frozen at the load up screen…Please help.

    • fcoles /

      Hi Enrique, only just saw this. Have you had any joy with your Kindle yet?

    • Alison /

      Yeah me too. This sucks!

      • Frank /

        Hi Alison, probs worth repeating the above steps carefully, just to make sure. If it still doesn’t work contact the amazon support people for your country via the website. They are very helpful and will often replace the unit – either no quibbles if under warranty or for a reduced cost if outside warranty.

  20. Claire /

    Thank you Frank, it worked a treat.

    I could see my books listed but when I opened them I just got blank pages, no words. I followed your instructions and just pressing del worked, I didn’t have to reset.

    Thank you again,


  21. Martina McLoughlin /

    Just took your great advice on how to reset my frozen kindle after spending hours scrawling through the kindle site for troubleshooting..followed your instructions on holding the off button for 20secs and then the home page icon for 1 minute, worked a treat, restarted perfectly without loosing any prior downloads,just received all my new downloads that I had thought I lost..whole process took a couple of minutes..fantastic, thank you, thank you..much appreciated.


  22. Helen /

    Thanks for this, very very helpful. Just unfrozen my daughters device. I appreciate your help!

    • fcoles /

      Very happy to hear that Helen. Glad I could help. Sadly my little one smashed my screen with a musical ball the other morning. Happily, Amazon replaced the whole unit half price, as it was outside warranty. Apparently they’ll replace it gratis if it is still under warranty. Happy days!

  23. Sophie /

    Thankyou for this information was very useful and will use this in the future :)

  24. Bob /

    The reset steps worked.But I lost all my programs,books,games,etc.

  25. Bob /

    The reset program worked fine. But I lost all my books,games,etc.How do I get my I info back?

    • Frank /

      Hi Bob, just hit the ‘syn and check new items’ link in the menu, or go to amazon and redownload via the ‘manage my kindle’ link.
      For local files just retransfer thru your kindle email address or via usb, hope that helps.

  26. Miszak /

    what can I do, if this steps dosn´t work and kindle is still freez? :-(

    • Frank /

      Best thing to do is contact Amazon support in your country. Just go to the website and you can either email or request a call back. I’ve found them v.helpful in the past.

      Let us know how you get on.

  27. Liza /


    OMG!!! This worked my Kindle wasnot working for 1 month and now it is. It feels so good to finally use my Kindle. Thanks!!!!!:):):):):)=D

    • Frank /

      I love that response, thank you Liza, glad I could help you get your books back!

  28. Sherea /

    My kindle suddenly stopped working. I followed your instructions and it still is not working….what am I doing wrong? Please help!

    • Frank /

      Best to contact Amazon support services by going to your country’s Amazon website, it may be something more troublesome. They are very helpful, and, if it’s still under warranty, Amazon support will often offer a replacement, if out of warranty, a reduction on a replacement. Let us know how you get on.

  29. Miiranda in Ky /

    Worked just like you said. Thank you very much for spreading your knowledge.

  30. Michele /

    This worked like a charm! I’m so relieved! Thank you!!

  31. Hi. I followed your directions to the letter and my Kindle still did not respond. I spilled ice tea on both my Kindle 3 (wifi+3G) and my mp3 player last night. I called Amazon customer support and they could offer no help except to replace it for $75.00 due to it being out of warranty and I do not have the money right now for it. I have taken the Kindle apart to inspect it and upon inspection there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of stickiness from the ice tea from it. I have tried soft resetting, hard resetting, factory resetting, and your resetting suggestions as well. I do not have a container big enough to house it with rice nor a Ziploc bag at this time. Idk don’t what to do at this point and I am devastated because I am not in a position to replace this. I am desperate. I love my Kindle, I love reading, and in fact, spent a majority of the time when I am not at my 7 hour a day job reading. Do you have any suggestions at all for me please? Thank you sooooo very much for taking the time to read this and I appreciate it. Have a great day!

    • Frank /

      Hi Heather,

      Sounds like you’ve covered all the bases there. If you have a phone with a kindle app on I’d suggest using that for now. When my Kindle was killed by a small child and a ball recently that’s what I did until I got my out-of-warranty replacement. I hated the idea initially but actually the reader is pretty good. Or borrow an old computer from someone, lots of people have them banging about. I’m sure I’ve got an old laptop you could have if you were local.

      You could try the rice/zip lock bag techniques in the mean time – I’ve never used them myself. A washing up bowl or cheap bucket would do it no? Or simply leave it somewhere dry and warm for a few days. There’s no guarantee with these techniques because even tho the innards might be dry you can’t tell whether something dry permanently damaged in the first downpour.

      Let us know what you try, and what works! Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  32. Lorraine /

    Hi Frank,

    My querie is not about a frozen screen but wondered if you could help.

    I seem to have disabled my cookies and now I cannot access my mail, google etc on my kindle 3g and wifi. do you know how to enable them again.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  33. liza /

    My kindle screen has lines all over it. Also i have tried restarting several ways but they have not worked. What should i do????????

    • Frank /

      Definitely one for the Amazon support people, see the contact methods above. Sounds like more than software I’m afraid.

      Please let us know what they say, thanks, F.

  34. maria /

    My Kindle 3G wireless keyboard crapped out on me after 1.5 years of babying it: vertical and horizontal lines, after just only a year. As soon as I told Kindle Support about this, they basically wrote off my device. They are willing to sell you a new one for $65 plus shipping. They love to tell you that “there is no way to override the system, it’s not possible to provide you with a replacement device”. I would NOT buy another one if my life depended on it! They are lots of negative reviews, this is clearly a common problem and they company does not stand behind its product.

  35. Bryan /

    Thanks much for the info. I needed to reset to factory in order to sell. this was the only place i could find the info.

  36. Lesley Read /

    Hi…I have recently installed a screensavers hack but cant work out how to get new screensavers on my kindle 3g…now i wish i hadnt done it!! how can i get it off? if i take it back to factory settings would that work..will i lose my books and would i have to re-register the kindle?….I need help please.

    • Frank /

      If you take it back to the factory settings it’ll be exactly as you had it when it was delivered. You won’t have any books on there, however all your book purchases are on your ‘manage your kindle’ page on amazon and you can re-download them all from there. If you sync your kindle they also appear as an ‘archive’ and you can re-download from there also. To be honest I can’t remember if you have to re-register or not. If you do it’s not difficult.

      If you have any personal documents or annotations on existing files that you want to keep then you’d need to back them up first. For annotation files that’s the corresponding yourbookname.mbp file in the docs folder on your kindle, just copy it to your machine with the book file.

      Hope that helps? :)

  37. Barb /

    Thanks, Frank! Travelling next week and did not want to lose my travelling companion! Worked beautifully!


  38. Gavin /

    Excellent advice. Locked up in wifi mode.I was looking for a hole for a reset button,but then googled your page and it cleared exactly as you describe.Many thanks.

    • Frank /

      Very glad to hear it Gavin, thanks for letting me know and happy reading!

  39. Hi Frank, my kindle 3G had half a page frozen, Amazon will not repair or replace as warranty has finished, i have completed step four and have got the recovery mode page, i was wondering how long this lasts? Also the bottom of the recovery page still appears shaded/ frozen does that mean it may not recover? Fingers crossed in anticipation! Thanks .

    • Frank /

      Hi there Deb,

      Hmmm. Half a page frozen sounds like it might be something to do with the screen rather than the software/operating system in which case I would get on to amazon support and ask them how to replace the screen, they should then say they don’t do that and offer you a replacement model for 50% of retail.

      Is the frozen half-screen carried over across all screens? For example is it still frozen no matter which screen you’re on, book page, screen saver, etc? If so, then it is most likely a small crack or an impact that has damaged the display underneath.

      Just reading your query again, “the bottom of the recovery page still appears shaded/ frozen”, this indicates that there is physical damage to it if the screen isn’t clearing. I would get on to the support guys as above.

      Let me know how you get on! F.

      • jackie /

        i cannot get my kindle wi-fi to stay on. i charged it, and then turned it off and now i cannot get it to come back on. please help!!! i have only had it since may. thanks so much!!!

        • Frank /

          Hi Jackie,

          I had this problem just the other week, here’s what I did:

          You shut down Kindle Keyboard by sliding and holding the power button for five seconds. The LED light will blink three times. Wait for the screen to go blank, then release the power button. That’s it.

          It’s called a soft reset and that seemed to sort out all the wifi connectivity problems on my machine (mine wouldn’t recognize any wifi connection and would only connected via 3G).

          Let me know if that works. I’ll write this up as a proper post with pix at the earliest opportunity just for you.

  40. Laura Dickinson /

    Hi Frank, I have a kindle, it’s the one without a keyboard and you have to press the keyboard button before you can start to type. Last night it said it needed charging so I plugged it in and left it to power up all night. This morning I tried to switch it on and it still has the symbol of an uncharged battery, USB cable and a lighting strike. Any ideas what I should do?

    • Frank /

      Hi Laura,

      There are a few versions without a keyboard, the best starting point is to go to the support website, select your model and see if there’s a solution there. If not, pop back here and I’ll see if I can help further :)

  41. Linda /


    I have attempted your instructions and get to the screen where you have to type in R E S E T. My problem is, that the kindle by this point is unresponsive and so it wont let me type anything in and therefore wont reset.

    I do a soft reboot and everything works for about 30 seconds before freezing. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks

    • Frank /

      Hi Linda,

      First, I’d make sure the Kindle is fully charged and then try again.

      If that doesn’t work try downloading the latest software from either here if you’re in the US or here if you’re in the UK.

      For other international amazon sites, just replace the .com in this address: with a .de .es. it. etc.

      If the above doesn’t work then you’ll have to contact amazon support direct as there may be others issues. Let us know how you get on.

  42. Spilled water on Kindle 3. Let it dry and now everything is working except the select button in the 5-way controller which makes my kindle useless. Replaced the midboard. No help. Out of warranty and far away from US (Israel). Any suggestions?

    • Frank /

      Hi Ron,

      Apart from using the menu to jump chapters nothing immediately springs to mind. You could try out the solutions for laptop keyboards here:

      Have you called/mailed/IMed the support bods to see if they have any solutions? I’d be surprised if they don’t have regular calls about this. I’m just about to have the roof ripped off my office so will mull it over.

  43. Orlagh /

    My son spilt water on my kindle and now when im reading it, it will start changing pages. What to do?

    • Main thing is give it time to dry out fully, somewhere well ventilated but warm for preference. If you get condensation on electrical equipment for example, it can take a few days to dry properly.

  44. Hi!

    I had a problem wherein I tried to go back to Factory Default via my Settings. Now the Kindle’s screen is frozen while starting up. It has the tree, the boy and a message that says, “Please wait a moment while your Kindle starts up.”

    It’s taking hours. How long would a factory default startup normally be?


    • Hi, it should only take a few minutes in total. Make sure it’s fully charged then re-try.

  45. Dear Frank,
    just returned from a 2 weeks-holiday.
    After 1 week my Kindle went dead. Could’nt reset anymore.
    Disaster! read your advise, it worked.
    The Kindle screensaverpage did’nt appear but I was able to type in reset.
    Thanks a lot!
    Peter from Holland

    • So glad it worked for you Peter :-) Thanks for letting me know!

      • Peter Geerts /

        Dear Frank,
        about 2 months ago I tried to reset my Kindle Keyboard 3G
        With your assistance it worked.
        Now it went dead again.
        This time your reset does’nt work.
        The Tree screensaver does’nt appear, I can’t type anything.
        I removed the backsite, unscrewed the battery,
        replaced it again, but no luck.
        Is the device ready for the carbagebin?
        Greetings from Holland,

        • It might well be Peter. Is it still in warranty? If so, you should be able to get a replacement by calling amazon support. If not, ring ‘em up, ask for options for fixing and they’ll usually give you 50% discount on a replacement. I hope that helps!

  46. thank you so much – I have rebooted my kindle successfully thanka to your instructions x

  47. rosy rose /

    my kindle has “Collecting information. May take a min.” what should i do to make it work? Please help!

    • Hi, I’m out of office so can’t check this one out. Let us know what you’ll find and I’ll check it when back.

  48. Thanks so much it worked great and Kindle is up and running! Wish I had seen this before I tried taking the back cover off, but it all turned out, thanks for the information!

  49. Uzebio /

    Thank You! Kindle is alive after typing RESET :)

  50. Alyssa /

    Thank you so much! It was frozen on a webpage but you could still see the wifi connection, battery life, and time. Tried resetting it several times to no avail. This way finally worked :)

  51. Carina /

    Thank you so much! Now my kindle is working!!!

  52. Nick Hill /

    Hello there. I have pretty much the same problem as many others. A frozen screen showing the reader under a tree. Plus there’s also a progress bar stuck somewhere. How the progress bar came up, I’ve no idea. Just found it that way in the morning a few days ago. I tried to remove and replace the battery but the display didn’t go blank or anything. Just stayed the way it was. Another problem is that when I connect the charger, the orange light comes on for a few seconds and then goes off. The 20 sec + 60 sec + DEL method didn’t work either. Amazons earlier declared it as defective and promptly offered a new one at a discount. HELP!

    • Hi Nick, if you’ve removed the battery, replaced it, and then it’s still unresponsive it probably is defective I’m afraid as there may well be no power getting to the screen to rearrange e-ink. Amazon often offer either 50% discount on a replacement when out of warranty or a full replacement if still under warranty.

      I hope that helps?

      • Nick Hill /

        Thank you Frank. I did contact Amazon about the problem. They were quick to offer a replacement at a discount. Guess my Kindle’s gone for good :-(

  53. did nothing to help my problem is there is a part of a picture stuck on it

  54. Thanks Frank.. your tips did work to get my kindle out of freeze mode but problem of freezing appeared again and I removed the cover and disconnected battery and placed it again.. this seems to have work effectively. I also updated the device with new software and now its working perfectly fine!

    PS: Removing the back cover is not so difficult as it appears by looking at the device ;)

    • PS: Removing the back cover is not so difficult as it appears by looking at the device

      Thanks Onkar, I’ll check this out.

  55. need your help asap /

    I’m so scared because the kindle that I have currently is not mine its a family friends one and I don’t have the money to replace it (crying).I put it on one day and the the screen went weird and noq its semie blank .please if you know what to do ,reply to my comment I need this information as soon as possible please I really need your help

    • Hi, if you can describe exactly what happened and exactly what you can see on the screen I’ll see if I can help.

  56. Thank you, this is very helpful. I have used this a few stime when the Kindle seemed to hang.

  57. Michael /

    Hi Frank,

    Have you ever seen a Kindle screen that looks completely fine yet the image on the screen is all split at the bottom?

    It’s like a cracked screen except that the screen is completely fine, just that parts of a page from a book are frozen while the rest of the screen is fine. It’s only on the bottom half.

    My girlfriend owns it and she went to put it on charge and just noticed the screen is looking all mangled. We’re wondering what to do.

    Great blog, will definitely try the hard reset after it has charged.

    • I have, on mine when my son destoyed it with a ball. Also on a camera that got squashed in a pocket. It sounds like it’s cracked/damaged internally I’m afraid, best to give amazon support a call and see what deal thcoey can do you on a replacement. I bought a sturdy case second time round!

  58. Thanks for this post. I had to resort to drastic measures, but it’s working again!

  59. Sharon O'Gorman /

    I was having trouble in that my collections disappeared and I followed instructions that I saw online to de-register and then re-register. I de-registered but I couldn’t re-register. Kept saying my Kindle could not connect at the time and to try again. I did that a few times and still didn’t work. All my books were still showing on the screen. I followed the instructions on this site and reset. I was now able to reset it and register again. Now all my collections are listed, but none of my books are there. How do I get my books back into the specific collections?

    • Hi, if I understand your problem correctly you simply need to redownload each individual book by opening it with wifi connected, same if you go into your archive section. If that doesn’t crack it simply go to your ‘manage my kindle’ link on your amazon account and resend all your books to the appropriate device. They’ll all still be stored on amazon, they’ve simply been cleared from the local memory on your kindle. Redownload and let us know if that cracked it for you.
      Cheers, F.

  60. I was reading all the comments above but as much as I would like to agree with the others I can’t a couple days before I found this my kindle screen had froze and had lines across it and my green light was working just fine I had unscrewed the battery and left it out then screwed it back in and now the green light don’t work I was just wondering if I could have some help if u know anything about this if u know anything I would love to know thanks

  61. Stephanie /


    I scrolled through/ read most of this blog, but I just couldn’t find any response that helped with my problem. I have the basic edition, with no keyboard, and my screen is frozen. Half of it is the charging symbol, and the other half is the off screen that displays advertisements. I can’t find a way to get the back cover off, and I only have an on/off button on the outside.

    Thank you for your time!

  62. Iryna /

    Thank u so very much!!! It worked on my kindle touch))

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  64. I’ve tried these steps and nothing is happening. It’s rather frustrating. Any other suggestions?

  65. Gagann Jindal /

    Hey Frank,

    Unfortunately my kindle got stuck up while it was it the process of resetting. I typed reset on the screen it said please wait a moment and since then it is frozen on that screen, nothing is happening. Any suggestions?

  66. Tony /

    Hi am looking for help with my frozen kindle. It’s a KIndle Keyboard which has worked fine up until now. Halfway through a book the page froze ?? And know some of the words have started to disappear ?

    I,ve tried different methods soft restart, hard restart but nothing seems to make a difference

  67. Michaela /

    Hate to admit being so careless but I uh… dropped mine. It slipped out of the leather case onto concrete. The left side of the screen is frozen on the last page of the book I was reading. the right side is blank but I can see it reacting underneath when I try this reboot. What do I do?? Is the screen damaged?

    • Frank /

      Hi Michaela,

      It definitely sounds like it. Exactly what mine looked like when my sun decided to use my kindle for ball practice. See the comments above for advice on replacements from amazon either in/out of warranty. They gave me a 50% discount on a repalcement when mine was out of warranty. If he does it again, I’m going for an upgrade: Kindle 4G

  68. Thanks a lot Frank, followed your instructions and my frozen kindle is now working fine – what a relief, thanks again Jane

  69. John /

    After trying many things including amazons advice, this actually worked.
    This is the only link I’ve seen telling me to hold the home button down for 1 minute, which is what did the trick.
    Thanks again !

    • Frank /

      Hi all:

      Chloe, you’ll have to give me more info on the problem please.

      Gagann, that’s a new one. Any progress?

      Tony, sounds like it might be a physical screen issue I’m afraid. Check with Amazon support on this one and see the comments above about how to get discounts for replacements or a replacement if still in warranty.

      Jane and John: I’m very glad I could help. Thanks for letting me know!

  70. kristen /

    I have tried everything with my kindle touch screen and it remains frozen on the page I was reading. Please is there something from under the back cover I can do?

  71. charlotte snape /

    I really need help with my 3rd generation kindle…. the thing was aboout a week ago a screen came on saying critical battery. As soon as i put the kindle on charge my screen froze…. i have been looking at all different websites and nothing is working i have tried to contact amazon about it but i have had no response i had the kindle foe christmas from my mum and dad .. i am afraid to tell them incase they shout at me ….. then i wouldnt be able to get a new one…. i just need to know how to hard resart the kindle in the back ……. thanks

    • Viv Gibson /

      If you read my post you should be able to fix your kindle,

  72. rosanna /

    Hi I have a Kindle fire HD, it turns on and charges but will not connect to pc or go past the ‘ kindle fire ‘ home screen, I have a lot of photos and videos saved to the device and but not to cloud, can they be recovered?? Please help!!

  73. Krisi /

    I have a kindle keyboard, not 3G, I can’t get any books from Archives, the option is greyed out, I called Kindle support they told me to factory reset it, can’t do that either, that option is greyed out. Anyone know if there is any other way to do a hard reset on it?

  74. Janetta /

    My mother’s Kindle keyboard had the critical battery error. I ordered a replacement battery and replaced it. Now I have the “repair needed” screen. I tried your hard reset and it begins to load but then flips back to the “repair needed” message. I did contact Kindle but, of course, the it is out of warranty and they suggested replacement. Any help?

  75. Viv Gibson /

    Can you please tell me in detail what i should do before typing reset into kindle keyboard for a factory reset.

    Regards Viv

    • Viv Gibson /

      I should mention that i tried the power swithch and home key and del button but my kindle is just reloading one centimetre across and then stopping, i put a folder of books onto it and interrupted it whilst it was loading, power works fine and it connects to computer but pc doesn’t recognise it as a kindle just the g drive… i know its fixable, but in Tasmania nobody knows how to repair and cost too much to send to Amazon.. out of warranty like 2 months anyway.

  76. Viv Gibson /

    I just held power button for about 30 sec and home button for 20 sec and it then turned to a page where i typed in reset which put my kindle in recovery mode and then i pressed r key and i waited for at least 5 minutes and then kindle reloaded, i now have a new kindle again and my books are in a calibre library so i havent lost anything, Hope this helps somebody else, they are fixable, you just have to keep trying.
    very happy kindle owner..


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