this a Medium copyright briefing – what’s the subtext?


The blogging platform Medium and it’s copyright terms. Originally posted here on the Medium website. In case it gets pulled here it is in full.

this a Medium copyright briefing
what’s the subtext?

I’ve not published here before. In a nutshell Medium is a blog aggregator with a super simple publishing interface for text stories with a giant photo banner at the head of the page.

Let’s have a look at their Ts & Cs and make sure they’re not grabbing your copyright like every other poorly advised Tom and Dick in the internet age.

So here’s what they say in their Terms of Service:

“ [1] You own the rights to the content you post on Medium. We don’t claim ownership over any of it. [2] However, by posting or transferring content to Medium, you give us permission to use your content solely to do the things we need to do to provide Medium Services, including, without limitation, storing, displaying, reproducing, and distributing your content. This may include promoting your content with partner companies or services for broader broadcast, distribution, or publication. “

Sadly this is the most common all-rights grab out there.

[1] is standard default copyright, you own your copyright unless expressly assigned elsewhere in writing.

[2] the you own it but we can do anything we like with it clause. This is a rights grab: archive rights, repro rights and syndication rights.

In a nutshell they might not charge for this but their partner companies might, or use the content to generate ad revenue.

You can find the National Union of Journalist briefing on this here:

Specifically points 3, 4, 5 and 6 and the extra uses section.

Shame I love the look, feel and usability of this site.

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