Streaming video with Google Glass via Livestream: Limitations and possibilities

For anyone thinking of streaming via Glass here’s the main limitation:
“Glass can record HD, it cannot functionally stream HD, the device would overheat so it does stream in a degraded quality due to this fact.”
That’s a quote from Livestream support, currently the only player with a streaming app on the device. The best overall resolution is rounded down (or is it up?) to 360p.
This will match some current low-res satellite news gathering but not anything more, not without the Glass battery melting your ear off!

The available Livestream streaming settings are:
Adapative: Changes bitrate according to network capacity
Low: 352×288 300kbps
Normal: 640×360 600kbps

You get far better quality recording to the device and then uploading, although obviously that isn’t live streaming.

Test videos:
1. LiveStream Let It Go Test @ 20Mbps+ Upload connection.
Here’s a LiveStream of my boy singing Let it Go in the front garden to give you an idea of the quality and the resolution. (sign up required for Livestream)

Alt Youtube link (there will be some degradation however).

All video can be improved with a sunny day/better light source of course.

2. LiveStream Book test @ 18Mbps+ Connection:

Alt Youtube link:

Shame it can’t stream at higher quality. For my purposes I’m not sure if the quality is good enough. But for news gathering a set of Glass, cell/mobile phone, and a good 3g/4g connection it’s pretty darn good. Especially as Glass weighs 43g and an accompanying phone, such as the Samsung S4 mini, weighs 107g. That’s a live streaming media solution that weighs less than 0.2kg.

If you going further afield you could also pair it with a BGAN explorer 710 terminal that will give you upto 650kbps satellite uploads. At only 3.2kgs that is the kind of set up you would previously have required an outside broadcast truck for.

That is really rather excellent, even if it doesn’t give me the full resolution I require.

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